Thursday, December 6, 2012

Barcelona Working Permits

As an expat in Barcelona wanted to live and work as well, you must obtain a residency and working permit, notoriously elusive pieces of paper work that require any number of documents, depending on your purpose in the country. The two permits are tied together in Spain.
Only European Union (EU) nationals do need special authorization or a work permit to live and be employed in Spain, though, it is advised that these individuals register as residents in Spain.
Non-EU nationals, on the other hand, will have a long and tedious process to look forward to, and in most cases, it’s necessary to have a contract of employment before you can apply for a work permit; a legality which can result in a Catch-22 situation, as many employers won’t offer you a job without a work permit, but it’s necessary to have a job contract to apply for a work permit.


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